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ULTRA Isolator Essentials Kit

ULTRA Isolator Essentials Kit

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The ULTRA Isolator is a compact, lightweight, and robust 3-axis passive suspension arm designed for isolating camera packages from harsh terrain while chasing the action.

The ‘Speedrail Rigging Block’, or SRB, adapts the proprietary ULTRA Isolator mounting flange pattern for use on traditional speedrail rigging.

The Essentials Kit Includes all tools, hardware, clamps, and speedrail starters commonly needed when bolting the ULTRA Isolator + SRB to existing speedrail rigging. All included components fit into the SKB Flight Case, ready for international travel: 

  • SKB Waterproof/rolling Flight Case.
  • ULTRA Isolator
  • SRB (Speedrail Rigging Block) + 4pcs of 1-1/2” speedrail Clamps
  • 4pcs of 1-1/2” speedrail swivel (adjustable) clamps
  • 2pcs 3” speedrail starters 
  • 19mm open/closed wrench 
  • 3/8” ratchet + 19mm deep socket 
  • Hex key set (2mm thru 10mm) 
  • Air Shock Pump 
  • Mounting hardware

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