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ULTRA XP Base Upgrade

ULTRA XP Base Upgrade

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Base Driver Unit (BDU)
Transport Case

MADE-TO-ORDER, 7-8 week lead time. 

The XP Base is a plug-n-play Base module upgrade for MotoCrane ULTRA that notably upgrades performance in a variety of ways. More information can be found at

Since the XP Base utilizes the same Base Driver Unit (BDU) as the original ULTRA Base, you must choose to either utilize your existing BDU, or add a new, redundant BDU allowing your original Base and BDU to act as backup units. 

If you'd like to instead receive an invoice for the XP Base Upgrade, please visit

*50% DEPOSIT DUE FOR RESERVATION. Use discount code 'DEPOSIT' to reduce your order to the 50% deposit, balance due before shipment.

**Requires ULTRA Programming Kit to update firmware.


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